Youtube is a rad website. I appreciate the things you can find on there, such as sweet Chuck Norris videos, etc. But the things that people put on there crack me up. Like this guy, Cyrus Yazdani, who goes by the pseudonym "Buket" (I wonder if he realizes he spelled that wrong); good Ol' Buket posted videos of himself tagging around LA. Here's where it gets stupid: He had a warrant out for his arrest for crying out loud. I'm sorry but if there were warrants out for my arrest, posting videos of myself on YouTube committing a crime would be the last thing I would do. But then again, I have somewhat of a conscience. But I digress. Cyrus Yazdani, don't eat too much bologna (if you dont get that Google Jim Gaffagin: your bologna has a last name and it's Gaffagin).


Zach said...

Who are you to come and run your mouth on my comments dude. I don't care if you disagree, but the fact that you need to resort to idiotic swearing shows your ignorance.